We offer comprehensive writing support for PhD students to plan, draft, and revise their scientific research reports. With our expert coaching services, we can help guide your PhD students to writing success, even when you're feeling overwhelmed and backlogged with other responsibilities.

Our tailored approach to coaching is designed to provide holistic support to your students, empowering them with the skills and strategies they need to advance their research goals. 

Partner with us today to help your PhD students achieve their writing potential, and watch your research group flourish.

Holistic Writing Support for your Entire Group


Weekly one-on-ones (by Zoom, or in person if in Pittsburgh)

Week after week with each student, we:

  • Plan their drafts
  • Review their recent progress
  • Solve challenges in argumentation and textual form, and
  • Spend time drafting critical sentences and developing new writing processes.

Our writing support is delivered with 10+ years experience working with academic writers. 

Asynchronous review of complete drafts

We're on your team! Our “Reviewer 1” service includes:

  • A detailed response letter with areas for improvement
  • Marginal notes in the text
  • Follow up call with the student to work through my suggestions in more depth

Copyediting (grammar and proofreading check)

Sometimes you're on the hook for polishing your accepted manuscripts. If you'd like to make sure the published version is clean, we can copyedit any paper. We follow the up-to-date CSE 6th edition style guide.

Other services

Each research group and researcher within it is unique. We can discuss tailoring additional services to benefit your needs.

Quick Start-Up Process

A win-win for PIs and students

Case study - Katherine Hornbostel’s materials science research group at the University of Pittsburgh.

Katherine’s PI perspective on coaching

“Will’s value-add is that he’s able to offload some of the writing mentoring, so I can focus on the technical things: managing research funding, getting results, etc. I’d highly recommend him to any faculty who are in this boat.”


Mahpara’s student perspective on coaching

“Writing coaching has provided me with much-needed guidance in organizing my thoughts and structuring my thesis proposal document. Will helped me in flushing out detailed outlines before I began to write each chapter/section and also helped me to revise the chapters for any major errors once I completed drafting them.”

-Mahpara, PhD student in Katherine's group

Good for PIs at all stages


Weekly one-on-ones are billed at $120/hr. Other services vary.

Typically, students start up with weekly coaching when their data collection is almost finished. We meet for 1 hou per week until the article draft is completed (usually about 12 weeks). With start-up fees included, the average cost of working together on an article is less than the APC to make it open access.

Benefits of Hiring Us

  • Create a better learning experience for your students
  • Hit big group deadlines
  • Save yourself time
  • Flexible contracts